About Us

Welcome to Bullman's Wood Fired Pizza

Since ancient times, the wood burning oven has been used to bake food. Its origins are thousands of years old and its simplicity and function cannot be surpassed. Baking pizza in this type of oven first occurred in 16th century Naples and hasn't changed much since. Baking in a wood fired oven produces a crisp, slightly chewy crust with just a hint of smoky goodness. There is no other way to bake a pizza and get this type of result. Why doesn't everybody do it? Simply put, it is not easy. It takes training, patience and practice and even then it can be difficult. But, it's worth it!

Bullman's uses a traditional Italian wood fired oven which cooks at temperatures exceeding 800 degrees. It takes only four minutes to produce perfect results. The results, however, can look much different than you may have seen in other pizzerias. First, the rim and bottom may be darker than you are accustomed to, however, that is normal at this cooking temperature. Second, caution must be taken when biting into a pizza baked at 800 degrees!

Bullman's was inspired and developed by two families from Helena. Both families shared the vision of establishing a restaurant that would become known for great quality food, inviting atmosphere and a comfortable dining experience. Between the two families, everything, from the seats to the sauce was designed and developed from scratch. The menu itself was inspired by the "Big Sky Country" of Montana, its majestic mountains and beautiful rivers. All pizza, salad and sandwich recipes are original. The dough, sandwich bread and sauces are made fresh every morning.

The first Bullman's Wood Fired Pizza restaurant opened in Helena in the fall of 2006. Since then, we have added locations in Billings, Bozeman, Kalispell, and Coeur d'Alene.

Thank you for choosing Bullman's as your recent dinning experience. We hope you enjoyed your meal and will visit us again soon.